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best electric tandoor for home

List of Top Rated Electric Tandoors for Home from thousands of Customer Review & Feedback.

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Glen Electric Tandoor

Glen Electric Tandoor


Wellberg Iron 2 in 1 Electric Tandoor

Hot Berg Small Electric Tandoor

Hot Berg Small Electric Tandoor

Reviews of Best Electric Tandoors in India

1. Glen Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9.6/10

  • Modern elegant looks
  • Healthy cooking like traditional clay tandoor
  • You can see through window
  • Energy efficient heating elements
  • Matt finish Stainless Steel body

2. Wellberg Iron 2 in 1 Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9.5/10

  • It has a cooking feature of 2 in 1 (one inside and one on top)
  • Compact and quick to use.
  • It includes significant isolation.
  • Value for Money
  • Factory warranty for 2 years.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

  • Compact size, and easy to move
  • Shockproof, equipped with extra heating elements
  • Easy to operate & clean
  • High durability
  • It weighs 5.2 kgs and consumes 1500 watts

4. ChefMan Big Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9.4/10

  • Roast dishes on the go
  • Reheat without overcooking
  • Toughened glass windows
  •  Product is shock proof and entirely durable
  • Enjoy hassle-free cooking of healthy and delicious chicken, mushrooms, potatoes or fish

5. Wellberg Big Extra Large Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9.3/10

  • Simple looks and a sturdy body
  • It can easily suffice the needs even large families
  • The tandoor has a shockproof body
  • Heating element has a life of more than 10 years
  • It is totally corrosion-free

6. Chefman Combo Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9.3/10

  • Extra-safe heating elements
  • Non-stick sheet included
  • Lightweight aluminum tray
  • Durable body
  • Four skewers included

7. Micro Smart Looking Electric Tandoor Combo

Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • Tandoor with steel element
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Best for Indoor & outdoor usage
  • Ideal for tandoori chicken, paneer, mashroom, etc
  • 2 year warranty is provided

8. Hot Life nano size electric tandoor for home

Our Rating: 9.1/10

  • Light weight and elegant looks
  • Aluminium shock-proof Tray
  • Fitted with extra safe heating elements
  • No Pre - Heating required Multi-purpose Tandoor
  • Make In India Pizza cutter +nonstick sheet +recipe book +gloves

9. Wellberg 2in1 Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9.1/10

  • It has grill at top which makes it different from other electric tandoors
  • The product is Durable
  • Made up of good quality material
  • Ensures an easy maintenance
  • It Is Never Over Or Under Heated
  • AN ISO 9001 / 2015 Certified company

10. Wellberg Exclusive Premium Electric Tandoor

Our Rating: 9/10

  • Oil-free and shocked proof electric tandoor
  • It takes 2 unit electricity per hours
  • Recipe Book for grilling, roasting, toasting and baking
  • Light weight and elegant looks
  • Aluminium Tray Shock Proof, Fitted with extra safe

How to choose the best electric tandoor

Wait, that is not over yet. We suggest that you go through this simple tandoor purchasing guide before finalizing the one. This simple guide will help you to filter out and select your family’s best electric tandoor machine, here’s the guide.


While you can get to know the characteristics of the tandoor from the specifications given; most of the basic characteristics are similar in all the electric tandoors. Many of the features you can expect from the best electric tandoor are non-stick grilling, non-stick coating, groove oil set, shockproof cooking, mechanism of recipe book, etc.


The ability here depends on your needs and also on the size of your family. When you buy a tandoor with under-capacity, you need to cook several times and if you go with overcapacity, the loss of energy is going to be the result. Thus, pick the electric tandoor (barbeque grill) that best suits your family size and needs.


You need to learn how to use the electric tandoor, and how to use it. Many electric tandoors can open up to 180 degrees, which means that the food inside the tandoor is easily accessible. This also lets you clean up after using the electric tandoor. It is also suggested that you select an electric tandoor that has a floating character, this allows food to be cooked uniformly and you are not forced to manually change it.

Power and Budget Friendly

Not that expensive are the electric tandoors, you can easily get the one in round 2000 – 5000 Rupees. When considering the price of the electric tandoor and in fact any electrical products, make sure you choose the one that is more energy-efficient or else you may end up spending more on a continuous basis.

Brand & Warranty

You need to consider the quality very carefully when purchasing these devices that you’ll be using for several years. All the top brands will deliver the highest product quality and the top-notch after-sales service. Read the terms of the warranty carefully for your on-site warranty or whether you need to carry the tandoor to your service center.

Different Functions of Electric Tandoor

Which are the various kinds of features an Electric Tandoor has to offer?
Based on the electric tandoor brand you select, this kitchen appliance includes a few or even every feature:

Oil Collection Groove

A few electric tandoors form a groove that encourages oil collection and prevents waste of any kind of oil. It is an outstanding benefit for all cost sensitive people.

Opening 180-Degree

This feature allows you to use the electric tandoor from both sides whenever appropriate. You could quickly reach the tandoor’s interior portion and it also encourages effortless cleaning.


It will help set a proper temperature in your electric tandoor while cooking food. A few models come fitted with a thermostat of 10 stages, which means you can set the temperature at 10 different heat settings. That will allow the user to easily prepare different food products.

Floating Hinge

A floating hinge will help you make effortless use of and open the tandoor. Floating hinges make sure the thick food products like fish, chicken, and pizza are cooked uniformly.

Glass Grill

A few models will allow the consumer to cook tandoori products, similar to a regular gas cooktop, over a glass cooktop. You will not have to think about slipping the food products inside the oven in this manner.

Non-adhesive coating

The non-stick coating ensures the food is not stuck to the electric tandoor and therefore reduces waste. All electrical tandoors which come with a non-stick coating are easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In case if you still have any doubts about the electric tandoor, here are the most popular and frequently asked questions. We gathered these questions from the internet and considered answering them here to help you purchase the best electric tandoor for your home and kitchen.

How does a barbeque grill (electric tandoor) work?

Electric tandoors are working with electricity. The heating components inside the tandoor heat up when you turn on the tandoor and the tandoor’s inner body spreads heat out. In electric tandoor, the food inside the tandoor is cooked by fire.

Can we use aluminum foil in an electric tandoor?

Aluminum foil can be used in the electric tandoor. Nevertheless, it is advised that it not be used for cooking purposes, because it produces an aluminum oxide that is toxic to the human body.

Which are the benefits of using an electronic tandoor?

The biggest benefit of having an electric tandoor at home is that at home you can cook grilled hot tandoori food and you don’t have to go to restaurants. You get to eat the tasty and sweet tandoori food and also save money.

Is Electric Tandoor food healthy?

The electric tandoor ensures your favourite chicken, fish, mushroom, and vegetable tandoori dishes are cooked fat and oil-free. So the low smoke and time-saving electric tandoor offer tasty dishes in a very healthy way, rendering it safer.

Was cooking food in an electronic tandoor safe and nutritious?

You can cook in tandoor, without oil. Foods which are free from oil are safer. So, it all depends on your cooking style, if you cook the food at medium level without oil and roast it, you’ll get good, nutritious food for your family.

How to take care of an electric tandoor?

An electric tandoor is maintained by cleaning its grills and interior components, including the tray, by draining the remaining liquid or oil after cooking. Remove grills and use water and dishwasher detergent to wash them properly. In order to keep it safe only the tandoor ‘s exterior should be washed.

Is the electric tandoor inside the house safe to use?

You can use it safely if it is built to be used inside the home. Do not use those large-scale commercial grills inside your house which are designed for use outside the building. Often be careful when using as this is an electronic gadget. Don’t ever allow children to access this gadget in your house.

How often would you have to clean it?

Electrical tandoor should be frequently cleaned after each use to remove the residue before the next cooking. Any remaining residue will burn the tray, which will hamper the process of cooking and it will also be difficult to maintain.

What precautions should be taken when the electric tandoors are being used?

Well, before you start using the electric tandoor oven for the first time you can carefully use the user manual. Hold kids off the tandoor while you cook the food. Alternatively, try not to run it on wet paws.

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