15 Best Hair Straighteners in India | Reviews & Buying Guide

Wondering which are the best hair straighteners in the Indian Market? If yes, then this article is for you. If it’s short or long, hair straighteners are the best way to keep your hair straight at home every day. Most of us waste a lot of money and time trying to get our hair done in the saloon.

But by investing in a hair straightener, you can straighten, curl, raise the volume of your hair and style your hair according to your needs.

The right option of hair straightener will not only last long but will also shield your hair from injury, breakage, splitting and irregular textures.

And, in order to make the correct decision on how to choose the best hair straighteners in India, we suggest reading our buyer’s guide below.

If you are in a hurry, check the below table and buy any Hair Straightener, otherwise read the full article for Hair Straightener’s detailed reviews.

Top & Best Straighteners in India

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

1. Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

Within minutes, the Havells HS4152 Hair straightener gives you smooth, shiny hair! It’s suitable for everyday use and without much effort, it gives you a salon-like styling at home. The coated ceramic plates glide through your hair resulting in straight, shiny hair.

You can also have a curly look along with the straightener’s curved sides. The ceramic plates help avoid hair breakage and keep the frizz at bay. The method of locking the plates locks conveniently to keep them secure.

This user-friendly straightener comes with a power button that can be switched on or off easily. The power system instantaneously heats the straightener within 45 seconds. This hair straightener is perfect for easily getting beautiful and voluminous hairs at home.

  • Heat up instantly
  • Plate locking system
  • Curved edges make for curly hair
  • Avoids hair splits
  • No cons

2. Philips HP8318/00 Hair Straightener

Philips best Hair Straightener in India

Are you looking for a professional hair straightener to add extra shine to your hair? Then you need to have the HP8318 model from Philips. Women who would love to change their dull, frizzy curls to straight and silky hair should be best used.

The wider ceramic plates infused with keratin are designed to add shine and support ultra-smooth gliding to thick and long hair. At one go they straighten up more hair and stop re-straightening over and over while reducing the time taken to style.

With an optimal heat of 210 degrees (no heat regulator) the tool heats up within 60 seconds, which will help you achieve that salon ready hair in no time. The length of 1.8 meter power cord gives maximum flexibility to style the hair in different ways. The swivel cord technology helps rotate the cord to make carrying simple and safe.

  • 1.8-meter good quality cord.
  • Just heats up in 60 seconds.
  • The ceramic plates are infused with keratin.
  • Very durable
  • No hear regulator

3. PHILIPS HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener

PHILIPS HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener

If you want a good brand straightener and want it to be budget-friendly, you should certainly try our this product on the list called the Philips Selfie straightener. Since it became a trend, the world-famous electronic company became instantly popular in the hair straighteners market.

The Selfie Straightener has ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly all over and hold the heat for a longer period of time. Their special formula of Silk pro care ensures a straightening with less exposure to heat and less friction while pulling your hair strands, which is bound to give you a salon-like silky smooth straight hair.

It has 1.6 m cord which gives you enough strength while working while a swivel cord helps you to rotate the thing when straightening with the straightener. The tiny but strong styling device is also compatible with 110-220V of power to operate anywhere.

  • Heats up instantly
  • 1.6 Meter Cord
  • SilkPro Tech Care
  • Reduces friction
  • No cons



This Phillips hair straightener is outstanding because it guarantees minimum heat, heats up really easily and in just a few minutes makes the already straight hair silky. This machine can glide easily through your hair, as the plates are very smooth and in just a few minutes help you achieve your shine.

The straightener also optimizes temperatures and guarantees reduced sensitivity to heat which is good because it does not do any harm to your hair. The plates are made of ceramic and then infused with keratin, ensuring you get an excellent smooth shine and easy glide while working on the hair.

Automatic temperature controls-you can pick between 190 degrees and 210 degrees the temperature you choose. The plates are large enough for long and very thick hair. Their width is wide, too, and that gives you enough room to work efficiently on your hair. The ceramic plates heat up very quickly and this is perfect, especially when in a hurry because the machine is hot and ready to use in under 60 seconds.

  • Ideal for thick long hair.
  • Heats up really quickly.
  • The long cord provides flexibility.
  • It gives hair a brilliant gloss and shine.
  • Auto shut-off feature is not there.


syska hair straightener

If you have to go out and visit a salon every now and then, trying new hairstyles will cost a lot. However, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket with Syska’s advanced technology to get the desired hairstyle. SYSKA Hair straightener HS6810 is an excellent hairstyling product.

To ensure optimal heating and fast gliding, the SYSKA HS6810 hair straightener comes with ceramic plates. The straightener comes with an auto-off feature to protect the hair damage from overheating. Unlike many hair straighteners, this one weighs light and in any direction allows easy movement. It heats up in 60 seconds and lets you get started in no time with the styling.

In fact, the hair straightener comes with a swivel cord that avoids the hassle of twisted cable. As well as giving it a trendy and elegant feel, the product’s streamlined nature and lockable handles offer extra convenience to take it to every location you go. Additionally, Syska is the best hair straightener brand.

  • Uniform heating helps to reduce damage to the hair
  • Ceramic plates provide a gliding
  • Comes with swivelling cable
  • Also has a 2-year warranty
  • Do not has many heating options



Havells, a popular domestic brand for home appliance manufacturing has recently launched straighteners on the market and is undeniably one of the best budget-friendly straighteners on the market so far.

The floated sheets covered with 25*120 mm ceramic help to glide the hair effortlessly and remove the frizz and match virtually every length and texture of the hair. The smaller, round edge plates can be used as curlers. Take a section of your hair and wrap it around the round plate, hold it for 10 seconds and you’re ready with bouncy curls without hitting the parlour.

Turn on the power button to start hair styling. The convenient locking system while travelling keeps the straightener safe. Slide the button gently up and down to open, to lock the unit. It comes in a rather stylish purple color and isn’t as heavy as Kerashine Philips.

  • Heat up instantly
  • Plate locking system
  • Curved edges made for curly hair
  • Avoids hair splits
  • No temperature control



Mid End straightener Philips BHS 673/00 comes in multiple colours. It consists of ceramic plates infused with keratin, that are longer than other straighteners. The straightener is installed for fast styling with the UniTemp sensor, meaning the hair can be exposed to heat for less time.

It will take up to 30 seconds to heat up here. Plus, there is an auto-off feature that turns off the straightener after being idle for 30 minutes. The SplitStop technology of this straightener gives you flawless and smooth hair at no time because it also takes care of the split ends.

The plates are coated with advanced ceramic keratin, making them smooth in nature and, as the hair is exposed to less heat, they appear to smooth quickly. The sensor, also known as the Unitemp sensor, protects the hair from any sort of heat-related issues.

  • Strong straightening effect even at low temperatures
  • 11 different temperature settings
  • SplitSpot technology integrated to prevent split ends
  • Safe cord to avoid burns
  • Take time to cool off



Want to own a straightener but get discouraged every time when you look at the price? With its shocking price tag, the Kemei hair straightener will definitely amaze you. It adjusts with your straightening and styling mood, with 4 different temperature settings. Using low heat to look more obviously smooth and strong like a standard feel for the salon.

Without hairs clinging to the surfaces, the ceramic coated surfaces will straight a large deal of hair at once. Forget those days when you had to wait 30 minutes for the straightener to be plugged into the power cords, the ceramic plates reach 220 degrees C in just 30 seconds. You can monitor heat from temperatures 160-220 degrees.

When the device is on, the LED indicator also automatically turns off when the plates reach the desired temperature to avoid overheating damage of any kind. The 1.6 m long swivel cord lets you use it with complete freedom and flexibility.

  • Budget friendly
  • Temperature settings
  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • No warranty is available



Philips, one of India’s most prestigious electronic appliance brands, has provided some of the most useful products to the beauty industry. The Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating comes from the same family of highly skilled beauty appliances.

The straightener comes with a secure swivel cord that is 1.8 m in length for optimum ease and comfort during the straightening process. The long cord also helps ensure you are comfortably away from the socket. Also, the product is equipped with extra-wide plates for trouble-free straightening of long and thick hair. This hair straightener has ceramic plates infused with keratin, which in just minutes gives smooth gliding and lustrous hair.

In fact, with Philips’ SilkPro treatment technology HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener, one of the most common issues associated with hair straightening – heat sensitivity – can be quickly avoided. It achieves the maximum heat point of 210 degrees Celsius and is ideal for making a straightened hair feel like a salon. It also heats up in just 60 seconds which allows you to get the hairstyle you want in no time.

  • Heats up quickly
  • Uses SilkPro Care technology
  • Easy to use for long and heavy hair
  • 1.8 Meter long string
  • Expensive
  • No temperature control



In the beauty appliance industry Nova has been known for offering the latest products at competitive rates. Some of Nova ‘s electronic styling products are loaded with such advanced features that one couldn’t find those in any other product. One of those items is the Nova NHS 860 Advanced Hair Straightener for temperature management.

One of the most useful attributes among a plethora of features is its temperature control setting. You can set the straightener at 4 different levels-160 degrees, 180 degrees, 200 degrees, and 220 degrees Celsius according to your hair length, density, and the hairstyle you want to try.

The straightener’s much commendable feature is its heating time. It takes as little as 30 seconds to heat up and enables you to begin the styling in no time. In addition, it also comes with an automatic shut-off feature which allows the appliance to go off mode once the plates reach the temperature required.

  • Budget friendly
  • Best quality ceramic coated plates
  • 4 temperature controls
  • Larger plates provide quicker results for straightening
  • Auto-cut off if overheating
  • Heats in 30 seconds
  • No plate locks
  • No warranty

Bonus: If you do want to buy a hair straightener with a hairdryer, then I’d say you go with below offer.



Apart from the temperature readings of 210 ° C in one minute, the best thing about this straightener is the fact that it comes with a complimentary hair dryer. Right now the combo sale on Amazon has these two available together at a super cheap price.

The dryer has a gentle drying power of 1000W for it will give you the sleekest look, great for frizz control and followed by the straightener that is used. The machine’s plates are coated with ceramic, allowing you to smooth your hair and finish with a shiny finish.

The unit is heated in less than 60 seconds, making styling all the less time-consuming and comfortable at the same time. The lightweight of the dryer helps the user to take it anywhere with them. The dryer concentrate operates in a way that allows air to circulate only in particular areas.

  • Smooth ceramic plates
  • Swivel cord with a length of 1.8 meters
  • Can reach up to 210 degrees within 30 seconds
  • Two-speed and two-heat settings are there
  • No cons

Some Other Hair Straightener Brands

12. Braun Satin Hair Straightener – 3 ST 310

Braun Satin Hair Straightener

This straightener is a perfect choice for those with thick and coarse hair. Braun Satin Hair Straightener comes with extra-large ceramic plates that offer optimum heat protection for effective styling. The big slabs are suitable for medium to long hair. The special, floating ceramic plates adapt for quick and even styling to every hair strand.

  • 13 Temperature adjustments
  • Floating ceramic plates
  • Covers large portions of hair in one swipe
  • Good quality
  • Costly

13. Torlen Professional Hair Straightener

Torlen Professional Hair Straightener

The new mirror titanium technology from Torlen delivers optimum heat distribution and an exceptionally smooth glide on the hair. Charged negative ions conditioning eliminates static and frizz in your hair. It also smoothes the hair cuticles while straightening, giving each strand intense shine. The MCH heater with an adjustable temperature setting facilitates fast straightening of your hair.

  • Can reach to 230 ° C
  • Avoids tangles
  • Adds bulk to your hair
  • Cord swivelling 9 feet
  • Costly

14. Inalsa Hair Straightener

Inalsa hair Straightener

Inalsa Hair Straightener is suitable for certain styles of frizzy hair. It quickly heats up in just 30 seconds. The solid ceramic plate uses high temperature to style your hair, and cools down within seconds relatively quickly. The ceramic plates prevent your hair from getting static. It also does away with frizz and keeps your hair soft and silky. This straightener suits everyday use.

  • Can heat to 200 ° C
  • Shock-resistant plastic body
  • Cord swivelling 360 degrees
  • Rapid recovery from heat
  • Hair straightened doesn’t last long

15. Tefal Premium Care Hair Straightener – 7/7 HS7460K0

Tefal Premium Care Hair Straightener

Tefal Premium Care Hair Straightener is ideal for hair that gets dry and damaged. The combination of ions, keratins, and coating plates for argan oil helps to produce soft, silky, and manageable hair. It also makes your hair brushing resistant. This straightener only heats up in 30 seconds. The ionic network helps rid hair of frizz and friction. 

  • Hair becomes smooth with zero damage
  • Heat up to 200 ° C
  • Plate locking system for safe use
  • No hair burn
  • Very less available

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying Hair Straightener

1. Hair Form

  • Fine and Thin Hair – Ceramic plated hair straighteners are better because they are good for smoothing and reducing hair frizz.
  • Thick Hair – Titanium plated is ideal because it heats up easily and retains a high temperature, making the straightening process simple.
  • Curly / Frizzy Hair – Tourmaline straighteners are good because they are effective even at low temperatures.
  • Damaged Hair – Tourmaline plates are ideal because they create more negative ions that eliminate frizz and protect the hair shaft.

2. Plates Width 

Universal thumb rule – The wider the tiles, the quicker you finish the straightening Below, we’ve listed choices based on the type of hair:

  • For long and dense hair – 2 inch or more
  • For rough and coarse hair – 1 1⁄2 inch
  • For twists, perms, waves – 1 inch
  • For short hair, streaks, spikes – mini plates

3. Temperature

Most hair straighteners come in temperature ranges from 160 to 220 degrees C. Prefer 180 ° C or below for thin, fine, or damaged hair. But for thick and curly hair, you should go to higher settings (190 ° C or above).

Types of Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners In comparison to the past, there are various styles of hair straighteners available today. That’s why it’s really important to know exactly what you need to do to ensure that your hair straightening and curling needs are met easily. Here are the various classifications of hair straighteners.

Ceramic hair straighteners

These hair straighteners use ceramic plates that disperse heat uniformly. They don’t build hot spots that can hurt your hair. The straighteners also seal the cuticles and lock the moisture to make sure you get a shiny, freeze-free look.

Tourmaline hair straighteners

Tourmaline hair straighteners have plates made of broken gemstone. These plates emit negatively charged ions that close the hair of the cuticle to lock in moisture. They even remove statics without drying your hair.

Infrared hair straighteners

These styles of hair straighteners use UV rays to calm and smooth the hair without doing unnecessary harm to the hair cuticles.

Ionic hair straighteners

Systems produce negatively charged ions that help neutralize hair strands leaving the hair straight and static-free.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Hair Straighteners

1) Do hair straighteners affect your hair?

Yeah, there are more chances of damaging your hair if you use a straightener on a daily basis. Since taking a shower bath, most women attempt to straighten their curly hair, resulting in hair loss. Often, the distribution of heat can not be the same due to the dampness of the hair.

2) How is a hair straightener working?

Hair straighteners or flat irons operate by breaking the hydrogen bonds present in the hair cuticle, giving the hair its original form, twisted, curly and elastic. Using the sun, it splits the ties, and when it splits, the hair is straight. Nevertheless, bonds re-form once the hair comes into contact with moisture. That’s why a flat iron can’t give you a straight hairstyle forever, it’s going back to its original form after you take a shower or go out in severe damp weather.

3) Does straightening your hair result in any side effects?

Using long-term hair straighteners can result in several side effects for those who are more sensitive to heat. Here are some of the potential side effects of using hair straighteners at home. Check it out, man!

  • Frizziness
  • Dullness
  • Hairloss
  • Skin rashes
  • Irritations

4) What factors would I consider when buying a hair straightener?

With the availability of a variety of brands available on the market, you may find it difficult to choose the right one that suits the hairstyle. Below are some of the significant things that everyone wants to learn when buying a straightener. Take a look, man!

  • The sort of hair straightener.
  • The height and weight of the hair straightener.
  • The temperature is adjustable.
  • Powdered material for hair straightener.
  • Auto-Out, LED indicator, LCD monitor.
  • Details on price and warranty.

5) How frequently do you use a hair straightener?

If you continue using a straightener, you can be able to remove it after 2 years. Since the heating element or plate can lose the ability to heat the hair evenly and thus reduce overall efficiency.

6) What is the optimal temperature range for heavy, thin, frizzy and curl hair types?

To achieve the perfect hairstyle, you need to change the temperature or heat settings of the straightener for various hairstyles.

  • For thin, fine, or damaged hair – 300 ° F
  • Regular, medium and wavy hair – 310-390 ° F
  • Heavy, coarse, and curly hair – 390-450 ° F

7) How to use a hair straightener at home?

It’s not that hard to use a hair straightener at home. Here are the basic steps to help you in straightening your hair.

  • First, for quick styling, divide the hair into parts. Then use your fingers to lift the segment you want to style.
  • Now, bring your hair in-between the Philips straightener plates.
  • Move the tool down and float through the hair.
  • Repeat the cycle and the result will be long, smooth, and shiny hair

8) How do you straighten your hair like a salon?

For most salons and parlors, professional straighteners are very costly and come with high-temperature heat settings that need professional hands to manage. When you try it at home, you could end up burning your head. While it’s not difficult to do any practice, it’s best not to do it at home. Many of the reliable products will produce the same results even at low temperatures if handled carefully with care.

9) How to curl your hair with a straightener?

To curl hair with a straightener, pick one that has round edges to wrap your hair around the barrel / round blades (the same thing you would do with a curler) keep them for a few seconds depending on the temperature and hair part, then leave.

10) Do I need a heat protector to be applied?

When your hair is always stylized, it is often advised to use a heat shield. This is a non-aerosol spray that applies a coating to the hair cuticle, then seals it and holds the moisture protected. You may also use natural heat protectors such as argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

Final Words

As you’ve already noticed, there are so many options when it comes to men’s best trimmers. All these choices have different qualities that ultimately have an effect on the efficiency of the system.

Depending on your trembling needs, you can choose the best hair straightener for you. For so many straightener manufacturers out there, you can easily select the one that suits your taste and budget.

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