10 Best Notion Templates to Use in 2022

The notion is a one-stop-shop for all of your note-taking, task management, and knowledge management needs. It is a versatile app that can be used for a variety of professional and personal purposes. The notion can be used to create personal wikis and databases, as well as take notes, create task lists, and even create websites.

However, in order to be used for any of these purposes, Notion provides two options: you can use one of the default Notion templates that best suit your needs, or you can start with a blank canvas and add elements yourself. The second approach has already been covered in our comprehensive guide (here). So, in this guide, we will focus on the best Notion templates that you can use for a variety of purposes to increase your productivity.

Best Notion Templates to Use

Notion provides a diverse set of templates for a variety of use-case scenarios. Using these templates, you can quickly create a wireframe for whatever you want to build, whether it’s personal wikis, task lists, planners, databases, or anything else, and then replace your data for the entries in the template. As a result, you save time by not having to set up the canvas from scratch.

There are two types of templates available in Notion: built-in templates and user-generated templates. In this list, we will highlight the best of both.

1. Quick Note

Quick Note is a straightforward Notion template for creating rich-text notes. You can use it to quickly jot down notes and make a to-do list. The template also allows you to embed links, allowing you to include sources for reference. Similarly, you can create sub-pages within a page to group together similar pages.

Download Quick Note Template

2. Journal

Journal, as the name implies, allows you to document your life by making entries for all daily occurrences, reflections on your goals, and special occasions to ponder later. You can categorize your entries into two broad categories: daily and personal, and you can even tag them to make them easier to find. In that regard, you can use the sort option to filter entries based on various properties. In addition, if necessary, the template allows you to create your own properties to add personalized context.

Download Journal Template

3. Task List

If you like to plan things ahead of time to avoid last-minute hassles and stay on top of your daily tasks, you can use Notion’s Task List template to keep track of all your to-dos. The template displays a board with three different task categories: To Do, Doing, and Done. You can add to-do tasks to the To-Do section and change their status to Doing and Done as you go. You can also add additional context or subtasks by clicking on any of your tasks.

Download a Task List Template

4. Reading List

The Reading List template keeps track of all the books, articles, podcasts, and audiobooks you’ve read or plan to read. It has a view for each of these media types, and you can change your views to sort the listed content by various filters such as status, author, type, rating, and so on. One of the more useful features of this template is the ability to save pages and links directly to your list using Notion’s web clipper.

Download the Reading List Template

5. Travel Planner

The notion has a Travel Planner template that will help you create a complete database of essential information for your trip, so you are always up to date with the schedule and other travel essentials. The template contains all of the itinerary’s details in a tabular format that you can replace with your own data. It even includes an embedded map that is interactive, allowing you to favorite locations and zoom in and out to get directions. To make things even easier, the template includes sub-pages for you to add your packing list and contact information for the places you’ll be visiting.

Download a Travel Planner Template

6. Goals

Goals is a personal goal tracker template that can be used to keep track of all your objectives. To-Do, Doing, and Done are the three different categories. Initially, your goals will be listed under To Do, and as time passes, they will be moved to Doing and Done. The goal is to have more items marked as Done.

Get the Goals Template

7. Habit Tracker

If you want to start new habits or keep track of the ones you already have, Notion’s Habit Tracker template is ideal. In a tabular format, the template presents your habits as well as all relevant information. You can change the entries in this form to suit your needs, and you can also add new fields. Each habit has a checkbox for the days you intended to perform it on, which you must clear in order to meet your goal. And at the end of each habit, there are sums to represent your weekly/monthly progress.

Download the Habit Tracker Template

8. Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda is a Notion template for organizing your week’s agenda, ensuring that you never miss meetings, events, or tasks. It has fields for all of the important information you’ll need to enter, as well as checkboxes to help you mark off completed tasks. The template allows you to add highlights to your day to remind you of what’s coming up. You can also add notes for specific days to the notes section to provide context for your agenda entries.

Download the Weekly Agenda Template

9. Resonance Calender

The Resonance Calendar is based on a relatively new concept in which you create a second brain in which you store all of the information that resonates with you. You can include all of the books you’ve read, snippets from blogs you enjoy, podcasts and audiobooks you’ve listed, and so on. You can also include any thoughts that come to mind during the day. All of the information is presented in a table, which you can use as-is or modify to your liking. You can also return to it from time to time to take a look at your curated entries.

Download the Resonance Calendar Template

10. Dashboard

The Dashboard template corresponds to the literal definition of the term. It enables you to combine information from various sources, such as notes, to-dos, agendas, projects, calendars, and so on, onto a single page that sits on top of your sidebar. You can get a sense of what’s important and coming up without having to visit each page individually. The template includes all of the necessary elements; all you have to do is replace the entries with your own and link them to your pages.

Download the Dashboard Template

Notion templates are a quick way to get started with whatever you want to do, especially if you’re new to the app. As a result, by using the templates listed above, you can sort and organize the majority of your daily activities in one place.

Notion’s subscription model is multi-tiered, with personal, personal pro, team, and enterprise plans. If you are a single user, the free personal plan should meet the majority of your needs. However, if you require more features, you can upgrade to any of the paid plans at any time.

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