15 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in India

best robotic vacuum cleaner in india

List of Top Rated Robotic Vacuum Cleaners from thousands of Customer Review & Feedback.

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iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) WiFi Connected Robot Vaccum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) WiFi Connected Robot Vaccum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba i7 (i7156) WiFi Connected Robot Vaccum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba i7 (i7156) WiFi Connected Robot Vaccum Cleaner

ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robots Vaccum Cleaner

ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robots Vaccum Cleaner

Reviews of Best Electric Tandoors in India

1. iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) WiFi Connected Robot Vaccum Cleaner


  • Perfect for matted floors
  • Supports both Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Understands your learning habits
  • Listens to your voice and learns your cleaning habits
  • Cutting-edge mapping and smart navigation for vacumming
  • Removes dirt through Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal with Allergen Lock bags

2. iRobot Roomba i7 (i7156) WiFi Connected Robot Vaccum Cleaner

Our Rating: 9.1/10

  • Excellent cleaning quality
  • Manageable noise levels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dirt detection technology to spot the dirtiest areas
  • Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Dirt Detect sensors find the dirtiest areas of your home and alert the robot to clean those spots

Our Rating: 9/10

  • Good for Cleaning on hard floors
  •  Sensors are pretty good
  • Robotic Smart APP Control
  • Cleaning time is more than 100 minutes with a full charge
  • Easy to assemble and integrate with Alexa and Google Home
  • Selective cleaning modes including auto cleaning mode

4. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Excellent cleaning
  • Low water consumption
  • Good battery life
  • Smart and intelligent programming
  • Easy maintenance
  • Advanced Navigation Precision laser navigation
  • Comprehensive Voice Control Take control with your voice

5. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.8/10

  • Picks up dirt efficiently
  • Good micro cleaning
  • Works equally well on medium-pile carpets
  • Good runtime
  • Avoids collisions with other objects
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection
  • Automatically recharges so it's always ready to clean

6. Irobot Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Our Rating: 8.7/10

  • Good Battery life
  • Good navigation with advanced sensors
  • Works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Automatically gets back to the docking station while the battery is low
  • Learns your cleaning habits and suggests schedules to meet your needs
  • Voice assistant compatibility through Google Assistant and Alexa enabled devices

7. iRobot Roomba 971 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Our Rating: 8.6/10

  • Cleans the entire home thoroughly
  • Advanced vSLAM navigation technology
  • Supports Google Home and IFTTT
  • Shows the map of cleaned areas after complete cleaning
  •  A premium 3-Stage Cleaning System powered by an advanced vacuum motor
  • Cleans continuously, recharging as needed until the job is done

8. ECOVACS DEEBOT U2 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.5/10

  • OZMO Mopping Technology
  • The hard floor mode, optimized for hard floor cleaning
  • The Pet Care Kit is equipped
  • Simply pop on or off the cleaning cloth plate to easily switch between vacuum and mopping functions
  • A longer battery life for even more cleaning
  • An advanced, back-and-forth cleaning pattern

9. Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Our Rating: 8.4/10

  • Cleans your entire house in one go
  • The 300ml large dust box and 200ml water tank
  • The robot can sweep, vacuum, and mop together
  • The intelligent Y-type mopping integrates AI smart algorithms
  • Variable suction strength that can be controlled from the Xiaomi Mi Home app
  • Anti-collision sensors, anti-drop sensors, and wall sensors for smart navigation

10. SmartAI 30V Max Robot Vacuum

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Smart Visual Navigation and Efficient Routes
  • 2600Pa Suction and Premium Cleaning System
  • Adjust the suction power and water volume level
  • The auto mode is perfect for whole-house cleaning
  • Change cleaning modes, Track the sweeping area on mobile in details
  • When power is lower than 20%, the robot vacuum returns automatically to the charging dock

11. Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • 3 in 1 robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Robo Vac N Mop comes equipped with SMART sensors
  • Adjust the suction power and water volume level
  • Forbes Robo Vac n Mop comes with different modes
  • Forbes Robo Vac n Mop comes with an unmatched 90 mins runtime
  • Comes with two brush gives better cleaning experience and suitable for different floor surface

12. IBELL Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Charging

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Multi cleaning modes
  • Tank Capacity of 150 ml & Dust Box Capacity 250 ml
  • Anti-drop and anti-bump sensors
  • It lasts up to 120 minutes of work (with full charge)
  • The unit can also be controlled be using the app ‘Tuya Smart’
  • Universal turbo brush system which ensures it to tackle multiple surfaces

13. ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Anti stair-fall protection
  • Random Cleaning Pattern
  • Low operational noise
  • Remote Control Operations
  • Cleaning Schedule and Auto Recharge Feature
  • i-Drop Control Water usage

14. Milagrow Seagull Prime Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Thinnest vacuum cleaner robot
  • Anti-drop sensors and soft cushion bumpers
  • Special Microfiber mop for wet mopping
  • HEPA 6 filter has a cleaning efficiency of 99.97% upto 0.3 micron of particulate matter
  • 'Gyro Mapping' ensures cleaning in long S patterns without losing orientation
  • Wall to wall cleaning, and SPOT mode for when intensive spiral cleaning in one area is required

15. Inalsa Taurus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Most elegant design
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Intelligent navigation that identifies all the obstacles and corners
  • Robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums, sweeps, mops and scrubs with 7 different cleaning modes
  • The robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging base once the task is finished
  • Suitable for all types of tiled floors, parquet floors, carpets, carpets

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Now that you know what a robot vacuum cleaner is, let's look at some of the things you should think about before purchasing one.


You'd like to narrow down your options so that they don't break the bank while also fitting into your lifestyle and cleaning requirements.

There are a number of options available that are reasonably priced and provide all of the essential features of a vacuum cleaner. Even the more expensive ones are still expensive. Choose a reputable company that can complete the task.

Life of the Batteries

The majority of these devices come with a battery dock, so when the robot needs to be charged, it returns to the dock.

The only issue is that charging takes a long time; for every hour of cleaning, it could take up to three hours to charge.

If you like to get things done quickly, look for a device that has a long battery life. You don't have to be concerned if you don't care about details.

Scheduled Cleaning

Some models do not have a scheduling function, despite the fact that most standard models do.

With a scheduler, you can set a specific time during the week for the machine to rise and begin cleaning automatically at that time. You're not even required to be present.

You don't need the feature if you don't mind manually starting it. However, if you have a robot that cleans your house, you are likely to appreciate this useful feature.

Newer models have wifi capabilities, allowing you to schedule cleanings from anywhere using your phone. It also informs you when the cleanings are complete and whether it has become stuck.

Function of Mapping

High-end robot vacuum cleaners have a mapping system that allows them to map out the area to be cleaned before they start cleaning. Typically, these machines include web cameras that capture images and store the location of your home in memory.

These webcams can also be used as surveillance cameras. You can use your smartphone app to communicate with the machine and remotely monitor your home.


Because robot cleaners are still not as efficient as humans, it takes almost three times as long for them to clean. If you're going to be inside while the cleaning is being done, I recommend getting a quiet one.
If the cleaning is done while you are away, you may be able to get away with using louder cleaners, which are often less expensive and more powerful.


One of the advantages of a robot cleaner is that it can reach nooks and crannies under your sofa and other hard-to-reach areas.

Examine your space carefully, and if you want a device that can clean corners, avoid the bulky ones, as they are difficult to manoeuvre and frequently become stuck.

Also, because you'll be seeing your cleaner a lot, choose one that complements your style and is decent and elegant to look at.


Although generally reliable, your cleaner, like any electronic device, may require maintenance. In such situations, a well-known brand with well-established support services goes a long way. Brushes and filters may need to be replaced from time to time, so make sure you can easily find replacement parts.

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